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Jennifer Brilliant - Mentoring

A mentor can help you find a healthy balance between your practice, your teaching, your business, and your life.

This mentoring program is meant for yoga teachers and yoga therapists at any point in their careers, whether you are just starting out, expanding into new areas of teaching, or have been teaching for many years and want to go to the next level. Everyone needs support.

It can be hard to launch a career as a yoga teacher or yoga therapist and to sustain your profession over a long period of time.

I’ve seen generations of teachers face the same challenges at different points in their path—challenges that I have faced myself:

Choosing a specialty or finding your niche in the yoga community.
Managing the business side of yoga.
Student commitment is sometimes inconsistent; class attendance may be low.
Merging your love of the practice with more practical concerns.

In our work together, you’ll…

use the principles and practices of yoga to manage obstacles, learning to see them as stepping-stones on the path.
come back to your own body, mind, and spirit to discover how to stay true to who you are.
grow personally and professionally, one step at a time, with guidance and support.
learn to draw on your strengths to navigate and resolve challenges.
find more joy, ease, and success in your teaching career.

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Work with Me

I offer one on one mentoring virtually.

If you’re far away or even if you live next door, we can still work together in virtual meetings.

In these sessions, you’ll receive…

focused attention on whatever is most pressing for you. Share you triumphs, ask for help and get input on how to face your biggest challenges.
tools and exercises to help you formulate your goals for your business and your practice and take steps toward achieving them.
guidance, a trusted companion and personal champion who will hold the highest vision of you and will be committed to supporting you.


  • Individual Mentoring
    $300 for (4) one-on-one sessions


I’d love to hear from you to talk about the program.


Your willingness to share your own experiences, your wisdom as well as struggles, allowed me to let my guard down…as silly as I felt, I wasn’t afraid to be honest. Your support is invaluable and your guidance has given me more confidence, put my mind at ease…and I know that will translate into my work.
–Jana H.

Jennifer Brilliant created a warm and inviting atmosphere that made me instantly feel comfortable and safe. We talked about many aspects of teaching and my personal yogic practice, and I never felt as if any of my questions were dumb or irrelevant. Jennifer was able to relate on a personal level and her charismatic energy was contagious. Jennifer Brilliant is an invaluable resource to the yoga and fitness community.

Jennifer helped me develop strategies for working with a private yoga client. This client has particular injuries and challenges, and Jennifer was able to give me wonderfully helpful guidance. She suggested specific poses and practices, as well as helping me think through my basic teaching approach. Jennifer not only has an eagle eye as a yoga teacher; she has deep insights on a non-physical plane as well. In our work together, I felt heard and understood, and I knew I was in very capable hands!
–Pam N.

I recently sought Jennifer out for feedback on an advanced teacher training workshop I was developing. Our time together was focused, creative and inspiring. Jennifer offered incisive observations and asked me all the right questions. Not only was my class ultimately a great success, Jennifer guided me toward deeper work that will continue to bear fruit for a long time to come.
-Susan K.

I initially wondered if it would be somewhat lacking not speaking face to face, but instead I found myself focused and you were able to listen well. You asked the right questions, set clear priorities and guidelines, which in turn enabled me to achieve more clarity. I was disorganized beforehand but emerged much more grounded with a feeling of order, accomplishment and a positive sense of what’s ahead.
-Ronit S.