Feel-Good Things

As Life delivers its natural ups and downs, there are a number of things – clothing, books, food, film/TV, singing and more that have helped me through these cycles. Some of these are now among my favorites that have given me many feel-good moments.

So I thought I’d share…


I wear compression stockings because of varicose veins and the results of a blood clot I had behind my knee after giving birth in 2001. Compression stockings are considered conservative treatment which I have fully embraced.

Among my favorites are these super cheerful yellow compression stockings which I bought from The Compression Store. Aside from the sunny color, these socks don’t squish my toes, are long enough to go to the top of my long shins, and don’t fall down. They’re also keep my feet toasty warm!
I also like the striped Doc Miller calf compression sleeves, which are perfect for yoga because my feet are still bare for traction on the floor and mat.

I wear my Moving Blanket Skirt, which is what Jeff and Mollie call my Quilted Skirt with Fleece Lining because it looks just like the blankets that movers use to protect furniture, all winter long because it keeps me warm and protected. The front 2-way zipper allows me freedom to be a mover too.


I read quite a bit with my book choices being a mix of non-fiction and fiction.  I completely adored “Romantic Comedy,” a novel written by Curtis Sittenfeld about a sketch comedy writer who swore off love until she meets a dreamily handsome pop star who changes all her assumptions. I can’t count how many times I laughed out-loud while reading this!


Even though we do our fair share of dining out, my husband Jeff still cooks most of our meals at home. He is a natural with his chef’s knife and work behind the stove. His regular repertoire of pastas, fish, meat, and vegetables keep me delighted and nourished but his Crispy Parmesan Eggs are still at the top of my list. I even make them on my own once a week!


Pre-pandemic, I almost never watched television. But that has changed and I now find myself completely engrossed in a handful of TV series, as well as the exciting action of the NBA. (Go Knicks!)

In keeping with my passion for basketball, among my recent favorite shows is “Winning Time” (HBO,) the story of the Magic Johnson-led LA Lakers at the beginning of their championship run in 1979-80.
I’ve also enjoyed “The Morning Show” and “Shrinking” (Apple TV+,) as well as lots of singers/performers who appear on late night TV (which I watch later on the DVR.)

I listen to podcasts and I love “We Can Do Hard Things” a podcast from Glennon Doyle, her wife Abby Wambach, and sister Amanda Doyle, who talk honestly about hard things including sex, gender, parenting, blended families, bodies, anxiety, addiction, justice, boundaries, fun and more with fantastic guests. I relate to and learn from their discussions. I’ve share many episodes with friends.


My new Jump Rope with Wood Handles which I bought on Etsy that came all the way from India! (Unfortunately, I no longer see this item on the Etsy site.) I’m jumping rope as a means to enhance bone density in my legs. And apparently the wood handles transfer the vibration of the rope striking the ground better than plastic handles proving to be a better choice for bone density gains in the forearms, too.

I love to sing and have been an active member of the Brooklyn Community Chorus for 19 years. Our repertoire crosses through a number of different genres. I’m currently the leader of one of the Soprano sections as we prepare for one of the two concert performances each year.  Our next show will be on Saturday, June 1 @ 4 pm at the Old First Church, 729 Carroll Street in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Hope to see you there!

Now it’s your turn.  What do we have in common?  What are your favorite things?

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