Facet Chat


Saturday, April 17

12:00pm EST/9:00am PST


A free 45-minute gathering with Margi Young, Jennifer Brilliant, and You!
We’ll begin with a short guided meditation followed by a conversation related to yoga practice.


Post-Pandemic Re-Emergence

April 11 – has been postponed

Please stay tuned for the new date…


10:00 am – 12:30 pm EST

                                                                                              (Last 15 mins optional Q&A/discussion)


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With Spring in the air and a promise from the President that there will be enough vaccinations for everyone by the end of May, it feels as if we’re all about to be sprung from our at-home lockdowns. As exciting as this is, it might still be a tricky transition. For many, especially women, our natural strategy in times of stress is “tend and befriend” – to protect and seek out social groups for mutual defense. However, this year we’ve done a lot more tending – and dealing with loss – and much less befriending/girlfriend time.

So how do we plan for our emergence into a post-pandemic world? How will our relationships and interactions give us the support we need after a year of deprivation?

Join Jennifer Brilliant and Yael Flusberg as they share yoga and creative tactics to bring us back from the brink of Burnout to a place where re-emergence is possible.


Facets of Being: A 3-Part Yoga Series

May 2021

with Margi Young & Jennifer Brilliant

A yoga series investigating our practice through the lenses of Movement, Anatomy  & Breath

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or for Single Classes:

Sat. May 1

Sat. May 8

Sat. May 15

12 – 1:30 pm EST/9 – 10:30 am PST


Last 15 mins optional Q&A/discussion.

Join Jennifer Brilliant and Margi Young for this experiential yoga class intended to highlight different facets of ourselves as a way to illuminate our human experience: 

  • The Inside and the Outside 
  • The Right and the Left
  • The Physical and the Subtle

The class will include short anatomical teachings, creative but grounded movement practices – including inversions! – and ideas to integrate the teachings into your everyday life. 

The class will be 75 minutes with an additional 15 minutes post-class session to ask questions and chat all things yoga! 

If you can’t attend the classes live, you will receive a recording to view at your convenience.


The connection between Margi Young and Jennifer Brilliant began in September, 2000 at Cyndi Lee’s OM Yoga in NYC. As Margi’s teacher during her intensive teacher training program, Jennifer turned out to become a lifelong teacher, as well as a dear friend.  Today in January 2021, they are joining their 50 combined years of yoga teaching and 20 years of friendship for the first time to offer Facets of Being. This is not to be missed! 

You can read more about Jennifer at and Margi at




Yoga workshop in Prospect Park

I’ve developed numerous special workshops that are suitable for your studio, clinical setting or teacher training program. I present at colleges, companies and conferences. Each topic can be adapted to your space, schedule and population.

If you don’t have your own space you can also book my Park Slope Studio for a memorable workshop or workplace retreat.

Yoga Therapy workshop

Yoga Therapy

  • Yoga for Cancer
  • Solutions for Tight or Injured Hamstrings
  • Yoga for Vein Health
  • Dynamic Balance: Head, Neck & Spinal Alignment for Yoga & Everything Else
  • Yoga Relaxation for Stressed Out Students
  • Yoga Therapy for Mental Illness

Yoga Workshops


  • Yin to Win: A Tortoise and the Hare Parable
  • Solutions for Tight or Injured Hamstrings
  • Dignity of Vinyasa
  • Inspired Action
  • Happy, Healthy Balance
  • Relieving Stress at Work with Tennis Balls

Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Teacher Training

  • Adjusting with X-Ray Vision
  • Keeping it Fresh, Staying Inspired
  • Yoga Therapeutics

Contact me for questions and availability