From Burnout To Balance:
Tools to Recharge for Uncertain Times

                                     Sunday, November 11

                                       11:00 am – 12:30 pm


                    Jennifer Brilliant & Yael Flusberg

As we prepare for the holidays, many of us are experiencing pandemic fatigue and uncertainty about what’s next. We may be overwhelmed, exhausted, or have little bandwidth to look forward to the little joys that make life worth living.

Yoga and neuroscience agree: burnout isn’t just about stress — it’s about feeling stuck.

Join Jennifer Brilliant and Yael Flusberg, yoga therapists, for this online workshop as they share creative tactics and movement techniques to liberate stress and recharge.

We’ll send out a recording if you can’t attend live.

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Yoga Therapy workshop

Yoga Therapy

  • Yoga for Cancer
  • Solutions for Tight or Injured Hamstrings
  • Yoga for Vein Health
  • Dynamic Balance: Head, Neck & Spinal Alignment for Yoga & Everything Else
  • Yoga Relaxation for Stressed Out Students
  • Yoga Therapy for Mental Illness

Yoga Workshops


  • Yin to Win: A Tortoise and the Hare Parable
  • Solutions for Tight or Injured Hamstrings
  • Dignity of Vinyasa
  • Inspired Action
  • Happy, Healthy Balance
  • Relieving Stress at Work with Tennis Balls

Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Teacher Training

  • Adjusting with X-Ray Vision
  • Keeping it Fresh, Staying Inspired
  • Yoga Therapeutics

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