My Heartwarming Events

This spring has been a busy time for me.

As much as I enjoy working hard and all of the “action” around me, it’s easy for me to get over-whelmed, especially when I’m tired. Sometimes I really need to rest!

When I do take a day off (or on a rare occasion 2 days off in row like I did last week,) I get a clearer perspective of how truly fortunate I am. Then I’m able  to face challenges with more resilience and ease. Phew!

I invite you to scroll through some recent pics of life events that’ve kept me busy and deeply grateful…

On May 11, I taught a workshop called Radiate & Return: Relating to Your Core in Westchester at the invitation of the Yoga Teachers Association (YTA). I had the honor of connecting with an amazing, curious, and highly engaged group of yogis. It was a golden opportunity to share my experiences and thoughts about working with our core!




Feedback from the YTA FB page after the workshop:
“Thank you to Jennifer Brilliant Yoga for a great workshop getting to the core of things!
In Saturday’s workshop with Jennifer Brilliant, she shared many tweaks to standard poses and flows that activate and engage what is traditionally thought of as the core (lower torso/abs) to more fully support the limbs and entire body. It was an active and challenging class, and participants enjoyed “learning balance poses using blocks,” “building more vocabulary to help students connect to their center,” the “unusual sit up routine”—and “gently sore core muscles a day later.”

I enjoyed a relaxing Mothers Day.



And, my daughter Mollie graduated from SUNY New Paltz!


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