Yoga For STRONG Bones


Yoga for STRONG Bones begins September 15!

5-Week Series:

Sunday, September 15
Sunday, September 22
Sunday, September 29
Sunday, October 6
Sunday, October 13

11am – 12pm

This 5-class series is based on a 10-year study from 2016 called Twelve-Minute Daily Yoga Regimen Reverses Osteoporotic Bone Loss, which identified twelve poses for their effects and safety on 3 sites in the body that are among the most commonly fractured: the spine, femur and hip

Join Jennifer for this series that is appropriate for beginners to advanced movers.

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Classes will include:

• Mindful Warm up
• Preparatory strengthening exercises
• Review of basic elements of each pose
• Range of versions for each pose
• Relaxation

You will prepare and practice the whole 12-yoga pose regimen. Any individual concerns about the poses, as well as next steps and tools you will need to move forward, will be addressed.

* Please register only if you can attend all classes. These classes are not recorded and there are no make-ups.

What people are saying:

“Jennifer shares her understanding of yoga in ways that allow a deepening understanding of personal process and practice.”

I come out feeling strong and so energetic

Jennifer showed me how to sit comfortable cross-legged.