Yoga For STRONG Bones

Yoga for STRONG Bones is on a hiatus until the Fall.  In the meantime, join Jennifer for three in-person workshops:

Core Strength for Bone Health on Sunday, May 5

We will work on specific core exercises that strengthen and challenge someone with concerns about Osteoporosis by learning about the neutral spine. You will understand what your neutral spine (possibly a new and different sensation in your body), and then practice how to maintain it while strengthening your core. 

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Posture Reboot for Bone Health on Sunday, June 2

Losing height and even space between your hips/ribs are sometimes consequences of aging and Osteoporosis. In this class, you’ll practice specific breathing exercises for mobility in your rib cage and then work to engage your upper back musculature for a more supported and upright posture.

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Gait, Grace and Gravity on Sunday, June 23

There are many reasons that we feel less self-assured when walking as we age. This uneasiness can put us at risk for falling. Exercising our feet, strengthening our legs and allowing for an adaptive pelvis are some of tools that can help you walk with more embodiment and awareness. In this class you’ll learn foot work, leg strengthening as well as tips for practicing balance as fall prevention. 

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Yoga for STRONG Bones will resume in the Fall.

This 5-class series is based on a 10-year study from 2016 called Twelve-Minute Daily Yoga Regimen Reverses Osteoporotic Bone Loss, which identified twelve poses for their effects and safety on 3 sites in the body that are among the most commonly fractured: the spine, femur and hip

Join Jennifer for this series that is appropriate for beginners to advanced movers.

Classes will include:

• Mindful Warm up
• Preparatory strengthening exercises
• Review of basic elements of each pose
• Range of versions for each pose
• Relaxation

You will prepare for and practice the whole 12-yoga pose regimen! Afterwards we’ll address individual concerns about the poses as well as next steps and tools to move forward in your commitment to bone health.

* Please register only if you can attend all classes. These classes are not recorded and there are no make-ups.

What people are saying:

“Jennifer shares her understanding of yoga in ways that allow a deepening understanding of personal process and practice.”

I come out feeling strong and so energetic

Jennifer showed me how to sit comfortable cross-legged.