Yoga with Personal Training

Friday Mornings  – In Person/Park Slope, Brooklyn
September 6 – October 25
9:30am – 10:45am

$240 for 8 classes

Click here to register for the full session beginning September 6, 2024

This series is appropriate for those with yoga experience.

In this series you receive committed time each week to:

Connect to your body and mind!

  • Strengthen

  • Stretch

  • Relax

Join a small group of people who are also devoted to their wellness. You’ll be guided step by step to adapt each exercise and pose to honor your individual range and limitations.


How to begin:

  • Register by clicking here.
  • Receive confirmation emails and reminders.
  • Respond to let me know what you’d personally like to work on and what you want to avoid.

Each week:

  • We’ll connect at the beginning of class to check in and find out what you need/want to feel good and whole in the class.
  • Enjoy a yoga practice with unique opportunities for developing strength, breath awareness, flexibility and graceful movement while taking into consideration your particular concerns.
  • Class will end with relaxation, relief and reflection.

Why me?

  • Maybe you’re like me and you enjoy meeting challenges and working hard but also acknowledge the limitations of age? I’m really excited to continue developing strength and love to include strength training exercises with simple props/tools in each class. I’ve learned to truly appreciate my body/mind, connect with my students and share work that is meaningful.

What people are saying:

“The class gives my body a great release after sitting at a computer. It’s really great!”
– Lynn R.

Wow, so much wisdom today. Practical and otherwise!
– Erin E.

“At the end of class today I felt completely loose with air flowing through me. Ahhhh.
– Betsy H.

“Thanks for these wonderful classes which are not just great for my body but soul nourishing – imbued with your love, kindness, passion and wisdom.”
– Laura L.

Email Jennifer for more info.