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One-On-One Yoga Therapy
Using Yoga to Recover from an Injury
Yoga and Core Work
Live Online Yoga
Yoga and Personal Training
Online ClassesZoom yoga classes
On-on-one SessionsHighly individualized, therapeutic yoga sessions with Jennifer via Zoom and In Person
Video LibraryFor those who want the same personal experience of practicing with Jennifer, but on their own schedule

Current & Upcoming In-Person Class Series


If you want to move with greater ease and less discomfort, and yoga has been recommended to you, I would love to help you get started on your path. I also guide yogis at all levels who want to deepen their practice. I’m a longtime yoga teacher, yoga therapist, and personal trainer, and our sessions will provide strategies to help you maintain a healthy body and mind in your daily life.

Jennifer’s teaching engenders respect for the principles of yoga, respect for the body, and respect for each other and our world. And she manages to do all this with a great deal of humor to boot!

-Lynn R.