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Yoga Therapy with Jennifer Brilliant
Working one on one with me or with one of my highly skilled teachers is the perfect opportunity to work deeply, specifically, and at your own pace. Group classes can be wonderful, but sometimes you have particular goals, or are working with injuries or health conditions that warrant more personal attention.

Jennifer Brilliant Yoga and Personal Training brings a vast array of practices and techniques to help you reach your goals. My background is wide and deep and I gather this knowledge into three broad areas through which to develop my work with you: Yoga, Yoga Therapy and Personal Training. Depending on your concerns and your interests your program may draw from one or all of these modalities.

Private sessions are In Person and Online. In other words: we are where you are!

I understand that coordinating schedules can be a challenge. If you don’t see a date/time that works for you on my online scheduler, let me know. I’m happy to open up some additional availability for you. What dates/times work best for you?

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Yoga is a practice of harmonizing your body with your mind and breath using physical poses, breathing exercises and mindfulness. It’s accessible to people of all ages and abilities. Regular practice will help you feel stronger, more flexible and more stable in both mind and body. Your one on one practice might be a means to get you ready for group classes or simply be a special time that you reserve just for you. Whether you are learning the basics or interested in conquering a challenging arm balance, expect to work with all different aspects of this rich tradition.


Yoga Therapy

If you are looking to work specifically with health concerns such as, low back pain, arthritis, anxiety, postural imbalances, pain, stiffness, MS or PTSD, your session will include the therapeutic aspects of Yoga. Sessions will not only focus on identified problem areas, but treat you as a whole person and enhance your overall wellness. You may do active yoga postures that you recognize, or restful ones from the restorative tradition. You may work with breathing techniques or self-massage, you may even learn yoga philosophy as a means to access ancient wisdom in the service of your modern life.

Personal Training

Personal training is based on your needs and goals, using functional exercise to improve strength, flexibility and balance. Whether you are working with particular health concerns, or simply want the motivation of a personal trainer, we will help you develop an approach to exercise that supports a lifetime of good health.



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Working out with Jennifer has expanded the capabilities of my mind, body and spirit. Her professionalism, knowledge and dedication have given me hope and confidence that I can enjoy my body, use it wisely and prevail against R.A., O.A and several severe mechanical issues that I face daily. I am truly lucky to have her in my life..
–Carol H.
Your knowledge is boundless and I am confident that you know what to do with each and every body part. And more importantly, I know you would do no harm. If you didn’t know about something, you’d go out and find out. I love your spirit, your body, and your expertise. You are simply the best.
–Diana P.

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Gift certificates are a thoughtful gift for any occasion. Single, five or 10 classes certificates are available. I also have gift certificates for One on One sessions. Choose the amount, and I’ll send a certificate to anyone on your list.