Yoga Therapeutics

Yoga Therapeutics is taught by Laura Staton, an Occupational Therapist specializing in rehabilitation.

This personalized yoga class encompasses all levels. Sometimes, it is an injury that first brings people to yoga class. We want to “fix” the problem, so we can get back to “our lives”. But, our injuries inform us, and the experience of being limited propels us towards investigation, understanding and the slow process of change. Yoga Therapeutics offers a safe, informed and supportive environment to identify issues and relate to our body with renewed vitality.

Yoga is a practice that cultivates body awareness. Shoulder blades draw down the back, chests open, hamstrings lengthen, lower backs get stretched, quadriceps gain strength and abdominal muscle tone. Yoga Therapeutics class participants gain insight into how they use (or misuse!) their bodies. The body becomes more connected and pain resolves.

Yoga Therapeutics Testimonials

“If you are uncomfortable or think you cannot do a regular yoga class, you learn that you can. You don’t have to be in pain. You can take control – physically, mentally and emotionally. Laura is one of the best in the world and has made me feel so much better this year.”—Vanessa

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“I have noticed an improvement in my posture. Yoga Therapeutics has alleviated my headaches and neck pain.”—Alta

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“I have been attending Laura’s Yoga Therapeutics Class on Thursdays for close to a year now. I joined the class because I was suffering from a hip injury and was looking for a way to work on strength and flexibility without having to worry about further injuries.
I love this class. Laura is incredibly knowledgable about the human body, gives personal attention to each participant and remembers the specific issues and challenges of each student not just from week to week but from months before. She also keeps the class really fun and challenging. The atmosphere is friendly, supportive, somewhat informal, focused and disciplined all at the same time.
Also, when Laura says this class is for all levels, she really means it. Starting with small postural adjustments at the beginning of the class, by the end of the class she has us doing things we would never have dreamed of being able to do. I always walk out of her class feeling two inches taller, limber and balanced.
I sometimes have guests from out of town and have invited several of them to come to Laura’s class with me – partly because I thought it would be good for them, but mostly so that I wouldn’t have to miss the class! My guests have always been really happy with the class and declaring themselves inspired to take up yoga seriously again if only they could find a teacher like Laura in their hometown.”—Francesca