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Workplace yogaStiff and stressed from sitting at work? Beyond Brilliant Workplace Yoga encourages self-care for employees through movement, breath and mindfulness practices that improve strength, flexibility and attention. Calm employees are more confident and creative both as individuals and in teams.

I have been teaching a corporate lunchtime yoga class at the same office building, every Tuesday and Thursday from 1 – 2 pm for 20 years! I’ll connect your company with an attentive and experienced Yoga Teacher. Together we create a plan for a healthier, more productive workplace. Download our flyer for more information.


Bring the benefits of yoga to your office today!

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Beyond Brilliant Workplace Yoga clients:

  • FEGS Health & Human Services
  • Jewish Board for Family and Child Services
  • Federal Occupational Health
  • The Jewish Museum
  • Cooper Hewitt Museum
  • Long Island University, Brooklyn Campus
  • Children’s Museum of Manhattan
  • Scholastic
  • Brooklyn Community Chorus

Here’s what clients are saying:

Grappling with crippling deadlines and stress I took one lunch time class with Beyond Brilliant Yoga, went back to my desk, and could peacefully and effectively prioritize my work demands. That was 16 years ago! While work is far from stress-free Beyond Brilliant Yoga class twice a week at lunch greatly enhances my ability to focus and accomplish all I need to do.
–Lynn R., Archaeologist
Lunchtime Yoga is an oasis in the middle of a busy day. It allows me to be calm and present in the moment instead of thinking about what I must do next, and has made me more aware of myself and others in a positive way. In addition to being beneficial mentally, it has helped me to have a stronger & more flexible body, and to know my body better; it’s limitations and it’s strengths, resulting in a calmer, healthier me. Best lunch break I’ve ever experienced.
–Marguerite R., Judicial Exec Assistant
Beyond Brilliant Yoga’s midday yoga classes offer a complete change in my state of mind, turning me inward to appreciate not only the calm afforded by the teacher’s gentle guidance but also the group support that emanates from the others in class, the product of the teacher’s care and charisma. In addition to quieting my mind, as an extra benefit, I have become more fit and flexible. For the first time in my entire life I am able to touch my toes, and that is AFTER a complete hip replacement. BRAVA!
–Lou B., Executive Assistant and Strategic Events Planner

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