Energizing Internally

It is quite a relief to feel our body weight releasing down, comfortably settled. Letting our bellies release the habitual gripping we often hold can tell us how our clothes are actually fitting us around the waist. We tune into our gut. Then we can turn our energy around. This time we sit powerfully upright while still having a connection to the earth. Picture your tail bone as a conduit for energy rising up through your spine towards the crown of your head. The ball drops, and then rises again.

1. Lean Back on Elbows
Round your spine, sink your chest, roll buttocks under and relax.

2. Draw Knees into Chest
Lift one knee at a time in towards your chest continuing to round your spine moving your tail towards your crown.

3. Twist Knees to Right
Keeping knees together, roll onto right hip to bring both knees towards your right shoulder. How far you twist is your choice. This is a preparation for Jathara Parivartanasana. Bring your knees back to center.

4. Repeat Twist to Right
This time at the end of the twist extend your top leg. Bend both knees again and bring them back to center.

5. Repeat Twist to Right again
Now if you choose at the end of the third twist extend both legs toward your right shoulder. Bend both knees and return to center.

6. Extend Right Leg Up

7. Roll to Sit and Lower Legs
Left knee bent and foot flat on floor, right leg extended.

8. Twist
Wrap your right arm around your left knee to twist. Place left hand on floor behind you. Return to center.

9. Open Left Knee and Arms Out to Shoulder Height

10. Lift Arms Overhead
Interlace fingers and press palms towards sky.

11. Swan Dive
Place fingertips on floor behind you.

12. Forward Bend (Janu Sirsasana)
Bow forward.

13. Bend Right Leg for ½ Table Turn fingers to face forward on the floor and put your palms flat onto floor. Place right foot on floor next to your left foot, which is still turned on its side, and lift your hips leaving left shin down.

14. Full Table
Place left foot flat on floor parallel to right foot and lift both hips evenly. You may have to walk your feet further out.

15. Return to Elbow Lean

16. Repeat Sequence Twisting Left at #3.

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