Crank It Up

Here is a warm up for you to try. Some more intro text. Maybe a few lines. And a few more. I think you’ll like this because… See if when you’re doing the cow, you can feel your chest widen.

Sukhasana (Crossed Legs)
Crank It: Circle right shoulder 4X, tipping slight forward from the hips
Crank It Back: Circle right shoulder 4X, returning to vertical
Waitress Tray: Place hands with palms facing up above shoulders with elbows bent like a waitress tray.
Cobra Hood: Leading with fingertips reach arms up overhead in the shape of a big cobra hood. Lift and round the whole back of the body.
Cow: Descend fingertips down onto the floor and arch through spine, leading with crown of head.
Cat: Draw back from navel rounding spine, knees up with arms wrapped around legs.
Make a Frame: Sit vertical, holding elbows overhead, framing head with arms.
Isometrics: Slip hands to opposite wrist and pull outward, while simultaneously drawing shoulder blades in, back and slightly down.
Side Bend: Release right arm to floor and reach left arm overhead to right
Knife Slice: Cut left arm down, back of left hand to outside of right knee
Twist: Sit vertical and turn to right
Return Home: Sit facing forward for 2nd side.

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