Teaching Poses We Cannot Yet Do?

April 9

Do we need to be able to do every yoga pose that we teach?

* One teacher said that she mostly avoids teaching the poses that she cannot do. Though she does sprinkle them in occasionally.
* Another said that it is all a process.
* From another teacher, “I fluctuate between hiding from my students what I can’t do and fully revealing to them my version of the pose in progress whatever that may look like.
* My thoughts: being challenged in poses, then figuring out how to do them – will make us better teachers. We’ll develop the precious skills to communicate what we have learned.

Chakra Warm Up:

Rub hands together, creating warmth
Place palms over eyes
Move hands down to throat
Heart center
Solar plexus
Top of thighs
towards knees

Sukhasana Warm Up:
Fingers interlaced, palms press front, then up
Tricep stretch: right elbow up, left elbow down at side, fingers still interlaced but palms face in towards body
Side bend, left
Extend arms forward, cat back
Tricep stretch, left elbow up and side bend right
Return to vertical, release arms down
Right arm winds up and swings across body to left knee for vertical twist to left. Second time through, winds up to release right elbow to outside of left knee, turn your spine/chest to fold over left knee – left fingertips on floor support turn.
Forward bend, walk arms forward
Walk back up to vertical
Rep 2nd side

All Fours:
Bird Dog Plus
Right leg back
Small circles with right leg
Keep circling right leg, add left arm extension
Circles with arm and leg

Deep lunges alternating with Parsvott

Surya Namaskar: a la Sondra Loring
including toe work for DD to UD toe roll over

Standing Poses
Vira 1
Parivritta Parsvakonasana
Vira 1
Trik Prep
Rev. Trik with top arm in Gomukha variation (Tricep stretch from Warm Up – left arm up first time with right foot forward)
Rev Warrior, extend arms
Eka Pada Koundinyasana
2nd side, end in Child’s pose

Hip Opening & Fun Stuff:
Baddha Konasana
Hold heels for Upward Upavista Konasana
Ankle to Knee pose, attempting to get there without using hands


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