Shine & Refine Jan 23, 2012

This special launch class brought a great group of teachers & deep practitioners into the studio. I am influenced by Glenn Black’s 2 two hour workshops on Shoulders and Hips last week at Ishta Yoga. We looked at the skeleton and Neter for an inner view and understanding of the ligaments of the hips. We attempted to stand upright without compressing our hips. We reviewed the Yamas & Niyamas to remember upright conduct.

In the middle of the practice we talked about that clicking noise in our hips when we come into Trikonasana – even when we are prepared and very warmed up. Alison recommended deepening the connection of the femur head into the hip socket.

“Teaching holds a mirror to the soul”
Parker Palmer

— hip flexion
— leg extension
— leg circles

— OM
— Warm Up

— with lower leg circles



Surya Namaskar:
— with forearm plank
— with Chaturanga & up dog

Vira 1

Vira 2
Reversed Warrior
Ardha Chandrasana
Standing Split

Shoulder Sequence at Wall, keeping back on wall
— single arm overhead
— forearm overhead
— cactus arm
— bent arm across chest
— Garudasana
— balance
— Utkatasana
— Uttanasana
— Tadasana
— forearms together from elbow to fingertips
— then open hands, keeping elbows together
Headstand prep: hands press down on head, head presses up into hands, elbows & shoulders press back towards wall.

After and in Savasana, Joan and Sarah gave hands on bodywork: Thai Massage & Alexander Technique.

To celebrate this new class, we enjoyed some tea, healthy homemade muffins and decadent brownies.

Some of the things that came up in our conversation –
— working with students whose elbows do not straighten
— what a yoga teacher sees
— how pain arises
— being good
— shoulder exercises that make us angry
— getting trained in cpr
— female relationships going awry
— Geshe Michael Roach’s teaching

What one teacher wrote after:
“Oh, and thanks again for your classes, I have really been enjoying them – especially finding a teacher that loves anatomy and subtle changes as much as I do!”

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