Does Therapeutic = Feel Good?

April 2

If something is therapeutic, does that mean it feels good?

*One teacher said that she followed the ‘no pain no gain’ philosophy. If something is therapeutic, it should hurt.
*Another teacher said that when she first started practicing yoga – eveything hurt: her back, her knees. That was all part of her path. Now she feels differently.
*It seems some students feel that yoga should be relaxing and easy. They can be very cautious and won’t go to their edge where the possibility for change exists.
*How DO we know when to back off and listen to our body, and when to go forward with discomfort or even pain?
*Asking for the opinion and guidance of a trusted source could be a helpful step.

Shoulder flexion
Hip flexion, with hamstring stretch
Garuda legs: in & out
Garuda legs in boat
Rep 2nd side

Sukhasana Warm Up:
Arms up
Gomukha arms with forward bend
Side/Twist/Back bend
Rep 2nd side

All Fours:
Bird Dog, forever
Parighasana Prep
Figure 8’s for hip
Child’s Pose
Rep 2nd side

Down Dog
Knees Chest Chin
Side lying Shalabhasana

Deep lunge to Parsvottanasana several times before holding Parsvott.


Standing Poses
Vira 1
Parsvott. Prep with Gomukha arms
Pari Trik
Twisted Child
DD with twist
DD to jump forward
Rep 2nd side


Hip Opening a la Glenn:
seated one knee flexed foot flat, opp leg ext like Upavista
Rep 2nd side

Ardha Urdhva Dhan with Shoulder Opening
Shoulder flexion
1/2 wheel with shoulder flexion
Lower torso, one vert at a time, with arms overhead
Urdhva Dhanurasana or rep Ardha Urdhva Dhan

Jathara Parivarta

to You Can Close Your Eyes by Matthew Sweet and Susanna Hoffs

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