Views Into Ustrasana (Camel Pose)

When we move into a pose, it is tempting to try to make the pose look like some picture in our mind. And it is true that initially we do learn a lot by imitating what we see visually. But after some experience with our practice we want to move in and out of our poses from our inner view. What does it feel like inside? Can I breathe into this area of my body? Do I feel something blocking me here?

Come into Ustrasana (Camel pose) with a clear view from all parts of our bodies and mind. Our pose is connected by a kind of seeing from each chakra wheel.

1. Child’s Pose
2. Turtle peeking

3. Throat is curious

4. Heart sees

5. Solar Plexus wants in

6. Navel knows

7. Sacrum sees

8. Tail unfolds – Ustrasana

9. Tail retreats

10. Sacrum pulls back

11. Navel shies away

12. Solar Plexus hides

13. Heart withdraws
14. Throat pulls back

15. Turtle back in shell, peeking

16. Child’s Pose

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