Stir It Up

We settle our weight down onto the floor in Sukhasana (with crossed legs) to begin our practice. From this starting point we attempt to cook up some of our inner fire and energy. The first few movements of this warm up remind us to dig to the bottom and sides of our pelvic bowl to stir up our potential.

1. Sukhasana: No blanket for this warm up.

2. Scrape the Bowl: Using the image of a rubber spatula scraping the bottom and edges of a mixing bowl, scoop around to the right, back, left and front of your pelvic bowl. 3X

3. Lifted Arch with Pillow Hands: Lift your spine up out of the pelvis with a slight arch. Place your hands at the back of your head with bent elbows opening your sternum.

4. Curl In: Round your spine, draw your elbows and knees in towards each other.

5. Dandasana (Staff Pose): Place your hands down by your sides and extend your legs straight forward with flexed feet. 6. Turn to Right: Turn your hips, chest and knees towards the long right edge of your mat. Separate your knees slightly, or more to ground your hips more easily.

7. Side Bend: Lift your right arm overhead, and bend side towards the front of your mat. Left hand or fingertips rest on the floor.

8. Twist to Back: Turn your chest to face towards the back of your mat. Keep your hips facing the right edge of the mat.

9. Sukhasana Facing Front: Come back to face the front of your mat and fold forward.

10. Repeat turning to left side.

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