Smooth Moves, things to do with a blanket

Whatever might cause us to move through our lives in a jerky, hesitant, insecure way, we still possess the ability to be graceful, fluid and easeful. Sliding on a blanket on a smooth wood floor is like a gentle ride. It reminds us to glide through our yoga practice using our muscles in a flowing way. Driving our blanket, we focus on the road ahead. This hones our concentration and helps us to embody ourselves as master movers. If you have carpet or an unsuitable floor for sliding this whole warm up can be modified. I did it on indoor/outdoor carpet for one class. It works just fine.

1. Vajrasana (seated on your heels) on a blanket.

2. Shoulder Work: Lift arms from sides up overhead. Bend elbows to interlace fingers and turn palms up, with the hands just inches from your head. Feel a double action – fingers pulling away from one another, upper arms bones drawing in towards shoulder blades. Straighten arms upwards.
3. Cat Back: Press hands forward at shoulder height.

4. Vajrasana: Hands in prayer.

5. Side Bend: Right hand to floor at side, left arm reaches up overhead towards the right.

6. Stand on Knees: Press off your right hand and shins to stand up on your shins with your arms out to the side at shoulder height.

7. Lunge: Step right foot forward, place hands on floor (or blocks), tuck back toes underneath on the blanket and straighten your back leg.

8. Parsvottanasana (straight leg lunge): Using blocks under your hands as necessary to straighten your front leg, pull the blanket in until your right leg straightens. Repeat 7 & 8 twice.

9. Lunge: Lower back knee onto the blanket with your left thigh perpendicular to the floor. Right lower leg is also perpendicular to the floor. The crown of your head and your right arm reach forward at shoulder height.

10. Lunging Twist: Circle your right arm up so that you are twisting towards the right with your chest.

11. Stabilization stance: Continue the circling of your right arm and lower your right hand onto the floor. Slide your right leg back and up to hip height, lift your left arm to shoulder height.
12. Knee to Elbow and Out Again: Draw your right knee and left elbow inwards towards each other while rounding the spine into a Cat Back. Then extend out again to the Stabilization stance. Repeat twice.

13. Cat Back: After the last knee to elbow lower your left hand and right knee to the ground for a full grounded Cat Back.

14. Arm Work: Slide your knees back on the blanket until you are in a plank position on the knees. Bend your elbows for a modified Chaturanga (push up) and straighten.

15. Core Work: Pull your knees in towards the space between your hands by sliding the blanket. Then slide out to the knee plank position again. Repeat 14 & 15 twice.

16. Vajrasana: Begin again on your left side.


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