Roaring Lion

Lion Pose, Simhasana, is said to cure bad breath, clean the tongue and improve speech and enunciation. It is such fun and a fantastic release of tension and energy. The ‘Roaring’ part of it comes in the teaching of it. First the students sit face to face, even across the room. Half of the class does it while the other half watches. They cannot believe what they see. It is always good for an uproarious laugh. Lion tip: make sure that your lips are moist before stretching them open all the way. In the winter time when our lips get dry, it is easy enough to split your lip if you open too far and too quickly, which I have done (in the middle of a public yoga demonstration).

1. On Belly: forehead touching the floor.

2. All fours

3. Child’s Pose

4. Cat

5. Cow with Lion

5a. Lion Close Up 5b. Mini Lion

6. Neutral

7. Down Dog

8. Knees Almost Touch The Floor

9. Twist: As you lower your knees twist them to right. Lower left hip to floor, sitting side saddle (Bharadhvajasana), twist left so that your chest is turning toward the front of the mat.

10. Side Bend: Chest and hips now face the same direction, the long right edge of the mat on the first side. Lift left arm and side bend toward the back of the mat.

11: Cartwheel Hands: toward front of mat.

12. All Fours

13. Knees, Chest, Chin

14. Baby Cobra

15. On Belly: forehead touching to begin again.

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