Middle Breath

According to yogic texts and teachings, the wind that flows in the middle of the body, Samana Vayu, helps in the process of digestion. It can do much more than that. The breath that flows in the middle of the body may also help to free our hips and twist with more ease. Holding ourselves too tightly in the abdominal area can cause stiffness in the hips. Loosening up our waist with breath may allow our twists to flow more easily. When we get blocked physically, it is time to use our winds which may be more subtle, but also have a lot of power.

1. Shoulder Shrug: Starting in Sukhasana (crossed legs), lift shoulders all the way up towards your ears.

2. Head Back in Ecstasy: Lay your head back onto your shoulder muscles, as if they were a pillow.

3. Middle Breath Support: Breathe into the middle of your body, between your hip bones and rib cage. Find a spacious sense of support. With that as a foundation, feel a support around your shoulder blades and around your neck too. Then lower your shoulders while your keep you head back.

4. Fold Forward: Bending from the hips, place your hands on the floor in front of you. Place your right hand on top of your left.

5. Sit Upright: Return to vertical, placing both hands in the same right on top of left position onto your right knee.

6. Peel Open: Slide your right hand up along your inner left arm to your left arm pit. Continue to move your right hand across your chest from your left armpit to your right armpit.

7. Twist: Open your right arm back at shoulder height.

8. Deeper Twist: Breathe again into the space inside and around your waist. Then exhale and twist a little further as you lower your back arm.

9. Face Forward: Come back to face forward with your right arm up alongside your right ear.

10. Side Bend: Placing your left hand on the floor beside you for support, bend to your left side keeping your right arm connected to your right ear.

11. Sit Upright: Sit vertically again interlacing both hands behind your back.

12. Thumbprints Down: Move your shoulders back, your sternum up and your thumbprints down onto the earth.

13. Start Over: Repeat with left hand on top of right on 4.

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