Judged at the Gym

recent NYTimes article about feeling judged at the gym confirmed my thoughts. Many people feel this way and you and I are not alone.

Even though I’ve taught yoga in gyms over many years, I still felt gym-timidated when I recently started start a weekly workout at the local Blink gym in my neighborhood.

“The reasons for such fears are myriad, including not feeling fit enough, poor body image, a lack of knowledge about fitness equipment or terminology and social anxiety.”

I relate to all of those things.

“But by avoiding the gym, you’re selling yourself short. Having access to trainers, equipment and community can all lead to a longer, healthier life. And if you developed the habit of going regularly, you might even find that you enjoy the gym life.”

And now I relate to this idea, too!

In the few short months since I’ve started the weekly gym routine, I’ve overcome most of my own fears and anxieties about the gym and gym culture. Now when I look around the gym, I don’t feel intimidated. I only see people who are truly making a commitment to themselves. And I’m grateful to be among them.

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