Feel Your Prana

This warm up begins lying prone, on my belly. I lay down and relax in a prone Savasana. My head is turned to one side; my shoulders slump comfortably, my arms bend with my hands somewhere around my head. I begin my letting go process and to sense my breath. On the inhale, I feel my belly as it presses into the floor. I adjust to make myself even more comfortable. I relax my jaw, face, throat and shoulders – all the things that might get in the way of feeling my breath roll through me. It is this breath, this Prana that will carry me through my practice, my entire life. If I gain any strength, flexibility or wisdom in my yoga practice, it is through my life force, Prana that it will come. I feel the force underneath it all and take the time at the start of my practice to honor it.

1. Prone Savasana

2. Shoulder Circles: with forehead down.

3. Baby Cobra

4. All Fours

5. Child’s Pose: with back of hands resting on sacrum.

6. Roll Up: to stand on shins.

7. Shift Feet and Shins: to left

8. Sit Hips: lower hips to the right of your feet, keeping arms up for the more challenging version or lowering your hands to the floor in front of you for support.

9. Side Bend: right arm up.

10. Twist/Bharadvajasana: to right.

11. Equal Grounding: placing left hand on left ankle, bring top leg forward. Place foot flat, knee up and adjust so that your weight is equal on both sides of the pelvis.

12. Crouching Eagle and Prep: shift weight forward by pressing on the floor behind your hips. Adjust your right shin so that you are sitting on your right heel. Reach your left arm out at shoulder height above your left knee. With the armpit above the knee, as best you can, bring your right arm across on top of your left arm and cross for Eagle arms.

13. All Fours

14. Knee, Chest, Chin/Ashtang Pranam

15. Baby Cobra

16. Shoulder Circles: to begin again.

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