Fave Exercise Program/App

Through a mutual connection on Instagram, I was recently introduced to a fellow Jennifer.

Jennifer Cooper was working on a story for her online magazine, Jennifer Magazine (I know!) The focus of her article was on Busting Fitness After 40 Myths and she was looking for another person to feature, asking me if I’d be up for answering a few questions.

Fer SURE!!

I appreciated the opportunity to think about these questions:

  • What’s your favorite exercise program/app/product & why?
  • What myth/misconception would you like to destroy about working out?

never shy away from thinking deeply about what I’m passionate about and the JOY I feel in sharing.

Read the article here with my short answers, along with the thoughts of two other remarkable women who’re making their health and wellness a priority and encouraging others to do the same.

Sometimes we need to see to believe and you are showing us. That’s no small thing.”
– Jen Cooper

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