Cone To Your Core

I was sparked with new intentions and energy after a 6 hour workshop on Yoga and the Pelvic Floor with Jaki Nett at Yoga Union Center For Backcare and Scoliosis. The word Core is rampant in our physical vocabulary. But, we rarely talk about the foundation of the core – the Pelvic floor muscles.

Connecting with this area of the body is important and yet we don’t often hear about it in any kind of detail. It isn’t exactly the easiest thing to talk about in or out of class. One way to bring vitality to an area that is hard to contact is using images. Pictures in our mind encompass many muscles, more than we can say or think at one time. Also since thoughts produce energy, thinking of this area of your body will bring energy there.

‘Coning’ is one of the ways to connect with this foundational support. Imagine the shape of a cone with the wide part at the space between your sit bones. Inhale into this area of your pelvic floor. Then smoothly exhale and follow the wider opening upward inside your body to the imagined top part of the cone.

Here is a warm up that asks you to do just that:

1. Shoulder Circles
Circle each shoulder fully: right shoulder, left shoulder: 8X total

2. Right Arm Releases Up
Reach your right arm up so high, as if you are a toddler and want Uppy!

3. Twist
Right arm reaches left knee, while the left unfolds back at shoulder height with your palm facing out. Slide your right shoulder blade forward far away from your spine. Engage your left shoulder blade and move it in towards your spine. Once your musculoskeletal body has turned, breathe into your very center and churn your inner organs around too.

4. Eagle Moves
Bring your left arm forward on top of your right arm for Eagle Arms. Lift your arms up into a slight arch, and then curl your elbows in and downward towards the top of your cone for a Cow/Cat action.

5. Shoulder Opening
Release your Eagle arms up, interlacing your fingers with your palms up behind your head.

6. Cone To Your Core
Straighten your arms up overhead with your fingers interlaced and your palms facing up. At the same time imagine that you have climbed upward internally to the top of your cone.

7. Side Bend
Release your right hand to the floor alongside your right hip for an opening of the side of your body.

Repeat for the left side.

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