Clearing A Path

To begin our practice we must carve out time for ourselves in our schedule. We arrive in the space where we’ll lay out our mat. The space you choose should be somewhat clear. For me that means swiffing the floor before each practice. The process of opening our bodies so that internally we can begin to feel spacious, less tight and crowded within our own skin begins in a clear space. With all of this clearing out we have the possibility to open our minds, like the big sky.

1. Sukhasana

2. Interlace Fingers: press palms forward.

3. Lift Arms Overhead

4. Arrow: palms toward each other, index finger pointing up.

5. Side Bend: to right

6. Side Bend Again: place right hand down.

7. Twist Right: clasp hands at shoulder height.

8. Shoulder Stretch: bend right elbow, pulling left arm across chest.

9. Still Twisting: bend both elbows, with hands still connected and palms down.

10. Clear A Path: press both palms away from you, clearing the space around you, face forward.

11. Open Chest: interlace fingers behind back.

12. Fold Forward

13. Sit Upright: to begin again.

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