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I’ve just returned from a great weeklong yoga and meditation retreat in Costa Rica.

I had been feeling hesitant about going because these days I don’t feel the urge or need to travel. In fact, I hadn’t been on a plane since the start of Covid and being in a special or exotic location isn’t vital for me to practice yoga or meditation. My studio in Brooklyn is a perfectly fine and comforting space for me to be.

But I also wanted to get out of my comfort zone.

I worked through my issues about post-pandemic travel and ultimately went to Costa Rica because the retreat was led by my best friend, Kelly Lindsey. Retreats are an important part of Kelly’s life and in the 18 years since I’ve known and loved her, she has led several retreats each year. This is the 3rd year she’s hosted her retreat at the beautiful Blue Spirit Retreat Center in Costa Rica and she  raves about it each time. And this was the first time I would be a participant!

Prior to leaving for the retreat in Costa Rica, Kelly told me that the moment I got off the plane, I would fall into the arms of an amazing group of wise women who would become my soul sisters. I was skeptical about that. Yet it was true.

As soon as I passed through customs in Liberia, CR, I spotted the halo of curls around Cat’s head. Kelly had appointed her to meet me and had also texted me a picture so I’d know what she looked like. Cat gathered me into her welcoming energy and took me to where we’d wait for the shuttle van ride to the Blue Spirit Retreat Center, a bumpy 2+ hour trip from the airport. More women began to show up and once we were in the van, I knew these were my people as we connected quickly in intimate conversation.


From top left: Suzana, Mara, Sam, Sarah, Ashley, Me, Kelly, Camilla, Meg, Anna, Emily, Brenda
2nd row from left: Natalie, Leanna, Lindsey, Julia, Pranitha, Jane
Floor row from left: Shirin, Rachael, Erin, Robing, Nina, Cat, Vonnie, Micaela
photo: @micaelamalmi_photography


The teachings:

Kelly and Camilla Figueroa structured the retreat’s teachings around the 5 Elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space.

Kelly’s meditation practices are based in Tibetan Buddhism, full of rich imagery, creative, and supportive. Each meditation is a personal journey. Camilla’s yoga practices are full-blown experiences of philosophy, flowing movement, storytelling, great music, with some Thai Yoga Massage partner work, too. Throughout our time, we were reminded of our divine feminine qualities of compassion, non-aggression, and nurturing.

Blue Spirit is a truly exquisite place. located on the north Pacific coast of Costa Rica known for its ecological preservation, as well as being one of the world’s 5 Blue Zones, the places on the planet where people live the longest. 

Here are some pics below of the stunning flora, gorgeous yoga studio and the Playa Rosada.

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