Anchoring A Buoy

When we anchor ourselves firmly into ground, we can allow our heart a feeling of buoyancy. This warm up begins with releasing the inner legs downward, all the way. If you could get your inner legs to touch the ground, it might feel quite reassuring. When our inner legs grip, our hearts and brains grip too. Letting the inner groins go down, down, anchoring down helps us move more freely in the hips. But, it might also provide us with emotional and mental health.

1. & 2. Sukhasana: internally rotate both inner thighs in and down. First right, then left.

3. Descend Inner Groins: Point fingers downward to where you are anchoring your inner thighs, all the way down.

4. Cross Hands: palms down to begin braiding your arms.

5. Turn Palms Up

6. Continue Weaving Hands: back out & up, with finger tips leading.

7. Finger Tips Behind Head: elbows open, maintaining external rotation of arms and arch to the sky (which I forgot in the photo).

8. Cat

9. Reverse Curl: walk feet forward & roll half way down balancing on the back of your pelvis.

10. Half Boat: which can be done with bent knees as well.

11. Sukhasana: twisting right

12. Sukhasana: arms up and still twisting

13. Sukhasana: side bend left

14. Sukhasana Bowing Forward: roll front, hands walk forward.

15. Sukhasana: to start again.

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