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March 5, 2012

Ah, not be cut off,
not through the slightest partition
shut out from the law of the stars.
The inner – what is it?
if not intensified sky,
hurled through with birds and deep
with winds of homecoming.
     -Rainer Maria Rilke


    Funnel breath, Lift Ribs & OM

Sukhasana Warm Up:

    Shoulder opening-
        Interlaced arms up
        Interlaced behind back
        Back of hands to side waist and one elbow at a time toward knee crease.

    Open right leg out to side, fold forward

    Bharadvajasana, facing left corner of mat: twist and side bend with undulating arms (pulling shoulder, elbow, wrist and fingers down)

    Sole of Foot Massage (right), then thread fingers of left hand through right toes, lift hand and dangle foot.

   Ankle to Knee, right on top.

   Boat and half Boat twist variation

Leg Work:

   Lunge (right leg front)

   Parsvottanasana, then with a twist-
        Place both hands on the inside of the right foot. Bend front knee to snuggle right shoulder inside right thigh, reach back with right hand to the outer thigh of the back leg. Straighten right leg. Those who are very flexible can reach right hand lower towards the outer shin. Lift onto the fingertips of the left hand and bend the left elbow slightly. Peek under left arms with your head as you twist left, opening your chest towards the left. Bend the front knee for a lunge with airplane wings (right arm stays under the right thigh). Hold right ankle with both hands and kiss your right foot, maybe. Descend onto on all fours. Repeat 2nd side.

Standing Child’s Pose

Shoulder Opening:
    Arms up, palms facing front, thumb tips touching.
    Interlace fingers behind back, elbows bent.
    Namaste hands behind back

Standing Poses:
    Parsvottanasana, with Namaste hands behind back
    Vira 2, with same Namaste hands behind back
    Trik, ” , then spread your wings.
    Parsvakonasana, top arm undulates.
    Prasarita Padottansana
    Standing Split, with airplane arms

Wrist/Hand Work (Peacock Prep):
    Chaturanga hands at wall
    Chaturanga hands, fingers turned out
    Chaturanga hands, fingers turned downward
    Peacock prep – hands together & elbows bent placing elbows into gut
    Leaning into wall on elbows, reach one leg back
    Lift that knee up and outward towards shoulder
    Repeat last two actions with 2nd leg

    Handstand at wall

    Shoulder work a la Glenn Black: for Pinca Mayurasana, sitting in Vajrasana –
       Lift elbows to shoulder height, bring elbows, forearms & hands together
       Separate hands wide enough to hold a block in your palms at the widest width, keeping your elbows together (or or as close together as possible).
       Place arm position including block on floor.
       Release hands to chin.

    Pinca Mayurasana

Vamadevasana –


From a Shining Teacher:

I’ve been enjoying class immensely and hope to keep coming.
I’m so happy to have your expertise in my weekly landscape!

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