Shine & Refine – Listening

Monday, March 26

Buddha said – (Anguttara Nikaya III 248):

There are five advantages of listening to the dharma. What five?

One hears things not heard before,
clarifies things heard before,
dispels doubts,
straightens one’s ideas,
and one’s mind is delighted.

On Monday afternoons, among other things yogic that are taught in the little Kids classes, we attempt to teach listening. Often there is a continual clammer and humming. The Kids need to be heard and need to hear themselves. So, we listen to the sounds in and around the studio. This creates a blessed moment of quiet. Is it possible to hum and listen at the same time? How do we practice listening? Listening like relaxation will take practice. So, we practice.

Broaden back of thighs/internal rotation
Find ease, lift, lightness
OM – listen to the beautiful sound

Standing Warm Up: to the short song, Treasure but Thievery Corporation
Shake hands, elbows, shoulders, twist, hips, knees & ankles

Shoulder Opening with Strap: big pec stretch
with Utkatasana
fold strap, lat pull & side bend
Rodney’s party trick

Down Dog, plank, baby cobra, Anantasana with Tree variation

Lunge – Deep lunge – Lizard lunge – Parsvottanasana

We looked at each other in lunge, attempting to open the top of the back leg thigh. No more wrinkles…?


Parsvott Prep with flossing strap action:
One arm is forward and up/externally rotated, the other is back and down/internally rotated. Using a pulling action deepen each arm stretch one at a time.
Utkatasana with twist
Rep 2nd side

Standing Pose Sequence:
Tadasana, hugging arms around shoulders, then extend arms up
Step left leg back – Vira 1
Prayer hands to floor on inside of front foot
Turn left for Prasarita, back of hands on floor through legs, then return to vertical
Vira 2, right leg forward
Clunky transition to back of mat for Tree Pose, right leg up
Utthita Hasta Padangustasana, right leg extended
Standing ankle to knee – right ankle across left knee, forward bend & straighten standing leg
Lower right ball of foot, still externally rotated, to outside of left foot
Pivot – walk hands counterclockwise to back of mat, lift left heel, continue to pivot on balls of feet, walking hands to face long right edge of mat – Uttanasana
Continue walking hands 1/4 circle more to prep for Side Crow
Extend for Vashistasana on left hand
Down dog, jump to Utt, 2nd side.


Child’s Pose

Prone Savasana
with weights at top of thighs

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