Shine & Refine Feb 6, 2012

Natalie Levin, who is starting a new course of study – the Jungian Seminar for Advanced Studies at the Jungian Institute of Philadelphia sent me this quote:

“An understanding heart is everything in a teacher, and cannot be esteemed highly enough. One looks back with appreciation to the brilliant teachers, but with gratitude to those who touched our human feeling. The curriculum is so much necessary raw material, but warmth is the vital element for the growing plant and for the soul of the child”
Carl Jung

I always thought that the words appreciation and gratitude were synonymous. Who knew? Thank you, Natalie for reminding us to honor our students feelings and to be warm.

Warm Up: beginning in Prone Savasana – face down
    We reviewed a trick of how to remember the difference between supine and prone. Well, supine is just super.
    With a partner, we practiced a hands on adjustment to deepen internal rotation of the thighs.
    Breathing: Notice the pressure of the front of the body on the floor, then bring your attention to the inside of the body.
        Side lying, legs bent at 90 – continue to notice breath along surface of side touching the floor, and the inner sense of the breath.
        Quad stretch, top leg – sense both your breath and your thigh stretch.
        Externally rotate the top leg, placing the top foot on the floor just in front of the bottom knee.
        Twist – hips continue face side, with external rotation of top leg in the same position, place forearms parallel, as in Pinca Mayurasana with chest & arms facing to front of the mat. Here we discovered that some ab action/cat back is useful.
        Ankle to Knee, seated facing the long edge of mat, fold forward.
        Boat with bent knees, circling ankles then wrists.
        Bharadvajasana feet toward back of mat, twist toward front of mat
        Side Bend towards back of mat.
        Lie prone to begin second side.

DD, Cat to Plank – sensing each chakra connecting to each other, Knees/Chest/Chin, Baby Cobra, DD

Leg Work: with two blocks and one strap. Leg alignment work is helpful for everyone. This is especially good for people who feel discomfort behind the knee from poor tracking – alignment between upper and lower leg. Face wall, two feet or so away from wall.
    Place one block between upper thighs to remember internal rotation. 2nd block is between lower legs with the strap looped around middle of the shins bones. The strap/block for the lower legs draw the lower leg bones underneath to support.
        Down Dog: hands up wall
        Side Bends:
facing profile to wall, outside arm lifts up towards wall.

Surya Namaskar:

    Step Backs including Knees/Chest/Chin without the knees touching the ground
    Jump Backs with Vashistasana

Standing Poses: from DD
    Vira 1, with a twist
    Vira 2 – straighten legs, then bend both knees with shoulder stretch to reverse namaste
    Parsvakonasana – with namaste elbow hooked onto inner front knee, extend top arm
   Vira 2
   Deep lunge
, with quad stretch
   Vira 3

Supta Virasana, with arms circles/core work
Shoulder Stand

    song – Mahima by Susheela Raman on the CD – Salt Rain. I love this whole CD!

From a shining teacher who e mailed me after class: “thanks Jennifer. lots of new data to process from this morning’s class!”

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