Shine & Refine Day 2 – Jan 9

We introduced ourselves.

After class one teacher wrote, “I loved that there were other people in the room asking the same kinds of questions as i usually do (or at least want to). There is such a need for this class and all the wisdom you have to offer. And special extra thanks for my quick “assist” clinic.”

Aligning the outer body to feel the pulsation of our tender heart. Our innate wisdom wants to have space. Let’s use the poses to support and protect us.

Lying down
— interlace thumbs overhead and lengthen heels away along floor, stretching your whole body, then release 3X
— lift legs, arms and head up and reach like you’re a baby reaching up – (inspired by Sondra Loring’s great Friday evening Jaya Yoga Center workshop!)

Warm Up from Vajrasana

Dd, plank, baby cobra, Dd

— bend right knee, hip sit towards left, walk hands/shoulders/head to right side. rep 2nd side


Side Bends

Surya Namaskar
— with deep lunge
— with deep lunge and arms up

We looked at/talked about Chaturanga shoulder blades and the transition to Up Dog, including shoulder/wrist relationship.

Standing Poses
— Vira 1
— Trik
— Vira 2
— Straighten front leg
— Parsvakonasana
— Parsvottanasana
— Standing Split
— Ardha Matseyendrasana
— Lolasana
— Chaturanga
rep. 2nd side

Prep for Pinca Mayurasana
— including stirring up the Pranavayu in the upper body by circling the ribs/shoulders with the forearms in position for Forearm Stand.

Pinca Mayurasana


Pinca Mayurasana

Virasana and Supta Virasana

Urdhva Dhanurasana

Neutralize Spine
— supine twist
— Bharadvajasana
— Supine Bharadvajasana
— Pigeon


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