I love working with you, and getting more flexible is a small (but positive) part of it…
— Lisa H.
Ever since seeing you and working with more focus on this issue I can feel change beginning. It is such an interesting process. I have spent most of my life with disregard for my body– having to really examine its mechanics and marry my inner and outer selves is challenging– but i am having glimpses of success. It’s going to take a loooong time! Thank you so much for setting me out on this path, because really, you did.
— Margot S.
Lunchtime on Tuesdays and Thursdays has been such a comfort to me. When I started your class, I was in need of comfort and was trying to learn how to give that to myself. In your class, I found the permission I needed to be comforted.

I have greatly appreciated the reminders of connection and deeper meaning of our practice to the work. Your words have helped center me and lift me every time.
— Jeanne S.

When you first instructed us to create space between our toes, it had very little significance to me. After all, my nerve endings were history and I would have to learn to compensate to achieve balance. Recently, I noticed some space where previously there was none. And I cried and cried and cried.

Your presence for the last four years is the primary reason for my progress. We could not ask for and instructor more knowledgeable, dedicated, entertaining or enlightening than you.

My father, a holocaust survivor who spent five years in various concentration camps, used to say in Hebrew, gam zu litovah, everything happens for the best. If I didn’t have a back condition I many never have pursued yoga.
— Jackie G.

I will say Jennifer that your ability to find a positive way to learn in any experience is inspiring and your ability to unconditionally see good is amazing — what a true a example of devotion to the message of kindness.
— Gayla Marie S.
Working out with Jennifer has expanded the capabilities of my mind, body and spirit. Her professionalism, knowledge and dedication have given me hope and confidence that I can enjoy my body, use it wisely and prevail against R.A., O.A and several severe mechanical issues that I face daily. I am truly lucky to have her in my life.
— Carol H.
What a gift to have your wonderful classes, your lovely studio and your support. Thank you for contributing to my Santosha in so many ways.
— Susan K.
With you I have learned to allow my fingers to reach out & touch my toes
With you I have learned to find joy in tailor’s pose & make peace with the pain in my hips
With you I have learned to kiss my aching knees & be thankful for them
With you I have learned to fly like a crow…even when my feet are still touching the earth
— Marguerite R.
Your Yoga class is the highlight of my week. In the short period of time I have been a part of your practice I feel improved coordination as well as breathing, to name a few. The upper body stretches help to decrease the tightness in my chest where I tend to hold tension and is helping to prevent rounding of the shoulders and spine. I recognize and am grateful for your skill and all the focus you put into every class and pose.
— Mary Kate S.
It was great as always to see you again and to practice yoga with you. Thanks for all your good words. I couldn’t have done it without your wonderful teachers.
— Rachel T.
As a longtime practitioner of traditional conditioning and strengthening workouts, I am new to yoga. Jennifer’s sessions have been a pleasant surprise as I find myself mentally and physically challenged by the sequence of stretching exercises and poses. I already noticed an improvement in my flexibility and even more miraculously, my knee and shoulder pain is gradually dissipating. Jennifer’s passion and dedication to yoga is contagious and I have a renewed respect for the discipline.
— Jimmy D.
Thank you for being such an inspiring role model. The love, effort, joy, precision, wisdom (and silliness) you brought us everyday lives in me like a seed. I am so lucky to have landed in your garden!
— Kim
You have in a real, measurable way, improved my life. Your classes are the highlight of my week, for both health and fun reasons. It is really nice to have a physical practice again. But, also your awareness and method of sharing what you know is really amazing. When I have thought about it and related it to something I know, what would come to mind are the master classes I have taken with great musicians. Your artistry very much comes thru in your teaching.

In your class I feel this great combination of being very cared for and very motivated. You are more than teaching, you are collaborating. Very spiritual. Very unique. You are truly gifted.
— Gary P.

There are large number of people teaching yoga in the world, but few true teachers – people who carry with them an aura of mastery, ease, generosity and safety. For me, at least, you transformed the room into a deep dwelling of exploration, and created space for the practice, as well as the ongoing revelation of the unfolding of my inner life.

And there was room, in the rhythm of the class, to take it all in.

So thank you for all you bring and for the personal work you’ve so clearly done that allows you to bring it so cleanly.
— Kathy B.