4 Brilliant Moves

for a powerful & bendier body

4 Brilliant Moves


Want your body to feel more
powerful & flexible?

I love yoga and I want to share my love of this practice with you.

You don’t have to be a yogi or in great shape to benefit from yoga… all you need is a body and a mind!

So I created this quick downloadable stretching sequence just for you…

4 Brilliant Moves for a Powerful & Bendier Body


    • You need to take a break from your computer
    • You’re on a long drive in the car at a rest stop
    • You’re feeling tired and tight from standing in the kitchen.

    Even just a little strength and flexibility can help you feel better and breathe with more ease.

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    a printable pdf that doubles as a little stretching prompt card AND a guided video so you’ll get the most out of this sequence!

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