Class Descriptions

All Levels
These classes are appropriate for all levels of ability and experience. Modifications are always offered for those working with injuries, as well as for those ready to go more deeply into their practice. Be prepared for thoughtful sequencing, personalized attention, creativity, and challenge.

Yoga: Roll & Restore
This class is suitable for all levels of practitioners. Careful attention is paid to each participant’s physical limitations and concerns. Helpful for someone with a particular injury, or anyone experiencing chronic pain and/or weakness, this nurturing class empowers students to find their optimal alignment, and increase strength, flexibility and balance. We’ll use balls to release tension and restorative poses to reduce stress and enhance a sense of overall well-being.

Yoga Workout
This class is suitable for anyone wishing to work with traditional exercises in their yoga practice ending with stretching and deep rest. Each class offers personal attention and a complete yoga experience.

This class is suitable for brand new yogis, as well as experienced practitioners wishing to go back to the beauty of Basics. It is a fusion of intelligent exercise, slow flow yoga, and the use of props as a means to align the poses correctly, and explore them more deeply. Each class offers personal attention and a complete yoga experience.

Happy, Healthy Back
Are you one of the 8 out of 10 Americans who have low back pain? Come explore yoga practices that can help relieve chronic aches and pains. In this 6 week series, we’ll focus on simple and accessible movements to stabilize and strengthen the low back, sacrum, and hips and promote health and well-being.

Private Yoga
Private Yoga is an opportunity to work directly with Jennifer and her teachers to address your individual practice. Each session is crafted for YOU so you will receive focused individual attention for your specific needs and questions. For new students, private sessions can be an ideal way to learn basic poses and proper breathing techniques before attending a group class. For those with specific health concerns, private sessions will be developed to meet you where you are, and support you in regaining optimal health.

Personal Training
Jennifer and her trainers offer personalized fitness programs that align with the mindful benefits of the yoga classes. These workouts are based on the needs and goals of the client and may include specified strength, flexibility, and balance training. Whether you are working with particular health concerns, or simply want the motivation of a personal trainer, we will help you develop an approach to exercise that supports a lifetime of good health.

Pre & Teen Yoga

This after school class offers kids ages 10 – 16 tools to gain strength and manage stress. Yoga postures are challenging but accessible. Most teens will be able to do these poses from the first try. Kids improve their posture, become more agile and responsive. Classes begin with breathing, warm up sequences, sun salutes, and move onto many other postures, ending with deep relaxation.

Workplace Yoga

Beyond Brilliant Yoga/Stress Relief at Work encourages self-care for employees through practices that include movement, breath and mindfulness to improve strength, flexibility and attention. Release the stress of prolonged sitting at a computer while developing calmness, confidence and creativity.